Loyalty Program Terms of Service


  1. Introduction

By enrolling in or participating in our Loyalty Program (the "Program"), you expressly consent to be bound by these Terms of Service ("Terms"), including any updates or amendments made hereto as well as our Privacy Policy. Should you disagree with any part of these Terms or our Privacy Policy, your sole recourse is to discontinue participation in the Program.


  1. Eligibility Criteria

Participation in the Program is contingent upon being at least 18 years of age and maintaining an active account with our entity. The Program is void where prohibited by law or any regulatory framework, and it is incumbent upon participants to ensure their eligibility within the confines of local laws and regulations.


  1. Mechanics of the Program

Upon joining the Program, participants will accrue points or rewards ("Rewards") based on qualifying activities, which include, but are not limited to, purchases, referrals, and specific promotional actions, as detailed on the Program information page. The accrual, redemption, and specifics of these Rewards are subject to change at our discretion, in line with the Program's structure and objectives. Points expiration is triggered by inactivity. If a customer neither earns nor redeems points within the specified period, which is 6 months for Token, their points will reset to zero.


  1. Non-Transferability of Rewards

Rewards earned through the Program are non-transferable and may not be exchanged for cash or other substitutes unless specifically permitted by the Program terms. The sale, barter, transfer, or assignment of any accumulated Rewards, other than by us, is expressly prohibited.


  1. Restrictions

Participants may not engage in any fraudulent or abusive activities aimed at unjustly accumulating Rewards. Such activities include, but are not limited to, creating multiple accounts for the same individual or engaging in deceptive practices to generate referrals. We reserve the right to monitor accounts for suspicious activity and may adjust Rewards or terminate accounts accordingly.


  1. Adjustments to the Program

We retain the unambiguous right to modify, pause, or terminate the Program at any time, without prior notice, for any reason we deem appropriate. This includes changes to the structure, rewards, and eligibility criteria of the Program. Participants will be informed of significant changes through updates to these Terms or other direct communications.


  1. Limitation of Liability

Our liability in relation to the Program is limited to the extent permitted by law. We are not liable for any errors or omissions in the administration of the Program, including but not limited to, errors in the allocation of Rewards to participants.


  1. Membership + Rewards

Members enrolled in the Program may be eligible for certain benefits or perks from time to time, as determined by Token Jewelry in its sole discretion. You understand and agree that any promotional offers are limited time offers while supplies last. Such promotional offers may change at any time, and are subject to such additional terms and conditions as Token Jewelry may specify from time to time. Token Jewelry reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate any perks, benefits and/or promotions at any time for any reason without prior notice. Certain perks may be available only in certain channels (i.e. in-store, or on the Token website), as specified by Token Jewelry. Token may, at its discretion, modify these rewards to make them available through additional channels, but it is under no obligation to do so and may choose not to expand the reward beyond the initial availability.

Membership rewards may include promotions such as:

  • Gift with Purchase. Gift with Purchase promotions may be offered to Members by Token Jewelry from time to time. Exclusions, minimum purchase amount and inventory supply restrictions may apply. Gifts are non-transferable, have no cash value and cannot be exchanged.
  • Exclusive Products. Exclusive products may be made available by Token to Members from time to time. Exclusive products may include limited-edition items, early releases, unique colors, or other products designated by Token. Exclusions, additional eligibility requirements, and inventory restrictions may apply. Certain products may be exclusive for a limited time, and Token may in its sole discretion impose limits on the number of units of exclusive products per Member.
  • Early Access to Product Drops and/or Sales. Early access may be offered to Members by Token for select sales and for select new products. Discounts (including employee discounts) and other promotions cannot be used on the purchase of products that are already on sale. Exclusions and restrictions may apply. Selection and availability may vary. 
  • Birthday Points Reward. Members who have provided a valid birthday for their Account may be eligible for select birthday perks such as points, free jewelry or discounts on select products. Birthday rewards are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and have no cash value. Token reserves the right to change or discontinue any reward at any time in its sole discretion. Certain blackout dates (e.g. Black Friday) may apply. If you are eligible for a birthday reward, and have opted in to receive marketing communications, you will receive an email from Token with the details of your reward and any requirements and/or restrictions.  Exclusions, minimum purchase amount and inventory or geographic restrictions may apply.
  • Dollar Off Rewards. Dollar-off Reward coupons ($10 off; $25 off; $50 off) may or may not combine with other promotional and seasonal discounts. Dollar-off coupons have no cash value and cannot be transferred to another Member or Customer. 
  • Double Points Days. Members are eligible to participate and earn double points for purchases made on these promotional days. Members are bound to the limits of this timeframe to earn double points with no minimum purchase required. For a purchase to be eligible for double points it must be completed during the specified timeframe given in the exclusive promotion.


9.  Jurisdiction and Governing Law

These Terms, and any dispute arising from the interpretation or application of these Terms, shall be governed by the laws of the jurisdiction in which our entity is headquartered. Participants agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within our company's domicile for the resolution of all disputes.


10. Inquiries

For any questions or concerns regarding the Program or these Terms, participants are encouraged to contact our customer service department at hello@tokenjewelry.com or through the other designated channels provided on our website. 

Participation in the Program constitutes acknowledgment and acceptance of these Terms, which participants affirm to have read and understood prior to engagement. It remains the responsibility of each participant to apprise themselves of the Terms herein and any amendments thereto.